Serendipity Cookies

How Serendipity Cookies came into being

When we interviewed Jane Eggers for the eigenstimmig podcast, she told us that she often found herself reaching automatically for the biscuit tin when she was stuck in her work, bored, needed a distraction or felt it was time for a treat. But in reality she didn’t want to eat so many biscuits, knowing that there were other things that would be a much better reward.

So Jane came up with an idea to keep herself on track. She wrote little notes as replacement biscuits. Whenever she heard the biscuit tin calling she would instead pick a note at random and do what it said. The notes suggested activities such as “eat a carrot”, “go for a walk”, “play guitar for a while” etc.

Even in the interview we found the idea so great that we wanted to share it with you. Together we thought about how to make these replacement biscuits look more like real ones, and that’s how we came up with Serendipity Cookies, which we’ve now been selling for over a year.

Here’s the original interview (in German) where Jane talks about her idea.




We’re not selling Serendipity Cookies anymore

Beautiful and beneficial though the Serendipity Cookies may be, we’d have to invest a lot more time and money in the project in order to make a profit that would justify the work we put in.

Because all three of us are self-employed and need time for our own respective projects, we’ve decided to stop selling Serendipity Cookies.

We’re very grateful for the joy that the little colourful cookies brought people, including ourselves. But above all we’re thankful for all the new things we learned during this project and for the experience of starting with an idea and developing it into a business (albeit a small one!) and a proper product. It was lots of fun and helped us grow as entrepreneurs.

At the same time we’re aware that lots of you love Serendipity Cookies. So we’ve got an idea… If you want to create your own Serendipity Cookies, you’ll find a printable template for the paper strips here. And on Youtube you can find some instructions for making the cookies out of felt.

We’d love it if Serendipity Cookies continued to bring a bit of happiness into the world, and we’d like to say a big thank you to all of you for joining us on this journey.

With much love,
Jane, Julia & Sarah